Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Crochet for Charity #1

It has always been my wish to do some charity work since years ago but wasn't into the idea of volunteering work.  I also have this dream that if I were to open a store selling food or a bakery, I will let the elderly eat free at my store and free bread/cakes at my bakery.  Well, that did not materialize... yet but I am still hopeful that one day that dream will come true.

On the other hand, something did happened unexpectedly and I had my wish to do some charity work.  Last year, a friend linked me up with a group of crocheters and knitters at Give a Little Warmth to make scarves and beanies for SWAN Fund, an organisation that collects donation for the needy, mainly in Thailand. 

I am so grateful to both my husband and son, they are so supportive when I said that I joined the group for a good cause.  They gave me time to myself when I mention to them that I am making scarves/beanie for SWAN Fund.  They even gave me suggestions on the design and color combinations.

It didn't take me long to join them, and in a span of months, I managed to make 6 scarves for both adults and kids in the midst of fulfilling my orders.  It was not a great contribution because some of them makes 50s or more in those months, they really have fast hands!

This year, they added beanies to the list, the group dived in to work almost immediately and the result was tremendous!  Some of them made as many as 50 beanies with almost the same amount of scarves!  Look at the many bags of beanies and scarves, all packed and ready to be sent to Thailand!

A friend blessed me with a few skein of printed yarns and I used them to make the 8 beanies below.  These are Marvel 4 Seasons 8 ply acrylic yarns, beautiful printed colors but some of them are of darker shades.  I didn't fancy dark colored beanie coz I wanted my beanie to be happy beanies with bright colors that brings a smile to the person wearing it.  Thus I double up the yarn and was amazed how differently it turned out to be when it's paired off with different solid color yarn!  I had such a wonderful time making these beanies because I never know how the whole thing will turn out till I finish the last stitch.

Here are the beanies I made, I put them on a Styrofoam head to show you how great they look on the head, gorgeous aren't they?

Adult's Beanie

Kids Beanie

This is an on going project by SWAN Fund, besides monetary donation, they also accept donation in kinds such as soft toys, clothes etc, great way to pass on the things that are still in good condition but you no longer needs them.

If you like to do your part too, you can contact them on the following links;


Alternatively, if you wish to contribute some yarns to me so that I can make scarves and beanies for them, do drop me an email at shopofcurios(at)gmail(dot)com or send me a private message in my facebook page here.

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